Brief Visit to South-West Queensland


Just returned from a lightning trip to ‘Bowra’ our favourite Outback birding destination for the Easter break. Situated just outside Cunnamulla, it is a 1700km round trip from Brisbane so two days are required for the drive! We were accompanied by Mike and Linda Lewis (birding-mates from the Dayboro area)

Chestnut-crowned Babblers


As most of southern Queensland is suffering from the drought, the area was surprisingly green from february rain and the Warrego and Paroo rivers both were full of water from the north.


Approximately 20kms east of Cunnamulla we slowed-down to observe many Ravens, Brown Falcons and Kestrels on the main road feeding on large caterpillars which were very abundant, and amongst them were delighted to see a pair of magnificent Black Falcons (they were also in the area several days later on our return)


On arrival we met up with our friends the owners, Ian and Julie McLaren and Rob and Diane, birding-friends from Brisbane.

Red-backed Kingfisher

With early starts most mornings (activity was greatest between 06.30-07.30 am) birding was amazing, large flocks of woodswallows (five species were seen) parrots such as Mulga, Red-rumped, Red-winged and Mallee Ringneck. Pink Cockatoos and Cockatiels. Chestnut-crowned and Hall’s Babblers, Brown Treecreeper, Restless Flycatcher, Hooded and Red-capped Robin, Red-backed and Sacred Kingfisher. Noticeably absent though were any species of cuckoo.

Stony Ridge

On the ‘Stony Ridge’ Marie spotted a Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush with her X-Ray vision but we failed to find White-browed Treecreeper.

Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush

On Saturday we took a trip to Eulo and stopped at the Bore where a couple reported seeing Bourke’s Parrot drinking that morning.

Black-breasted Buzzard

Near Carpet Springs west of Eulo we had a wonderful overfly by a Black-breasted Buzzard who appeared to ‘check’ us out.

Brown Treecreeper

During three days we managed to see 90+ bird-species between Bowra and Eulo. Must return soon!

More images are available on the ABID

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