5 note repetition-call

Found this one on the SW Backup, captured on 15 Oct 2010 at 14.30hrs in rain. Seems familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. Shrike-thrush?









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tt89_SW Backup595_20101015-143000

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5 responses to “5 note repetition-call”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’ve already voted (for White-throated Treecreeper) on the strength of listening to the call yesterday, but on listening again tonight I’m pushing toward a Shrike-thrush, possibly Little, although I haven’t head them make this call. I think it may be a little subdued for a Grey, but I don’t think I’d call the bird on this call alone.

  2. By no means an expert but having listened to a number of bird call files I think its a Little Shrike-thrush – its not bell like enough for Pale-headed Rosella I dont feel cheers David Taylor

  3. Hi Tom, Didn’t quite sound like the White throated Treecreeper or Grey Shrike-thrush I hear daily at Bellawongarah. Couldn’t say if it was the other birds mentioned. Thanks

  4. Almost certainly White-throated Treecreeper. I’ve heard that exact call many times, though often more than five notes. Compare the second soundclip on the BOCA CDs

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