Powerful or Masked Owl?

Mystery nocturnal found on SERF Sensor at 21.18hrs on 15 October 2010

This was the only call of interest between 8pm and midnight, as it rained throughout the period, frogs and insects are calling in the background. I think it may be a Powerful Owl (from experience and listening to other media) but I am certainly not 100% sure. Masked and Sooty Owls have similar cicada-like calls but are a bit quite different to my ear.

The closest call that I’ve found on the web so far (for me) is this one:

http://www.owlpages.com/sounds.php go to “10 week old Chick Begging”

but there have been many feasible suggestions including Green Tree Frog, Brown Goshawk and Forest Kingfisher

Click on the blue link below to play the call.

 Possible Masked Owl?

Mystery nocturnal call (tt98?)



Click on the spectrogram thumbnail to enlarge it


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7 thoughts on “Powerful or Masked Owl?”

  1. I have heard alot of Masked and Sooty Owls from all over the country. I have never heard them make a call like this one, nor anything which could remeble that pitch.

    I think it lends itself more towards a Powerful Owl, but I can’t be sure.

    1. Thanks Nathan, have heard young Powerful Owl make a similar call at Mt Coot-tha and Paul Walbridge claims to have heard similar with Rufous Owl juveniles.

    1. Thanks Vicki, I think that if you heard your call at a distance….there are indeed similarities but the sonogram looks a bit different…..

  2. Ignore previous comment. Just played the TT98 sound and it is not any type of Tyto sp. owl from Australia, nor any type of Ninox sp. owl from Australia. Not at all. The call is not an owl.

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