Spring Soundscapes

Recently I’ve been very impressed with the emergence of nature ‘sound-scapes’ on the web, usually a period of time where an acoustic recording has been made in a natural habitat such as a National Park or Reserve free of artificial or ‘man-made’ sound. Good ‘global’ examples of these can be found through Soundcloud’s Nature Soundmap by Marc Anderson, some are calls of specific creatures, whilst others are general sounds of assorted wildlife but I’ve found them very useful in various ways, learning calls or just as a relaxing ambient background sound.

This morning I decided to ‘bite-the-bullet’,  get up early to record the dawn chorus at home in Dayboro and then traveled to nearby Kobble Creek doing the same there.  I’ve uploaded several edited .mp3 files and their respective spectograms created with Audacity.

Have a listen to the files below and try and identify all the species, if we get a good response I might add more later. (Note: the second, shorter one is probably easier… )


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