Daytime Owlet-Nightjar?

Australian Owlet-Nightjar










This call was heard on the SW sensor at 12.06pm 15 Oct 2010

It is the 4 note-call, also present on the clip is White-throated Honeyeater and Eastern Whipbird.









tt80_SW Backup595_20101015-120600

Please let us know what you think, I have also posted it on Xeno-Canto mysteries

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5 responses to “Daytime Owlet-Nightjar?”

    • yes it isthe Owlet night jar part of a longer call that it often uses when one is squeaking close to its hollow in daylight.

    • Definetly an Australian owlet-nightjar call. This call is is common at night and is not specific to the daytime. It is one of their 4-5 common call types.

  1. I have heard this call many times at our property on the Clarence River in northern NSW and have always called it an owlet nightjar. I probably learned it from a BOCA recording. I have heard this call both day and night.

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