Audiomoth Recording

Recently I acquired a couple of Audiomoth, a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger, and decided to try and make some recordings to try and ‘evaluate’ them as an alternative to other more expensive recorders.

I placed one above a swamp in a council-park near my residence, and configured it to make half-hour recordings. After downloading the data I was reasonably satisfied with the output but was grateful that wind and artificial noise was fairly minimal.

I’ve posted a short .mp3 audio-clip converted from the original .wav file to demonstrate the effectiveness of the recorder. Have a listen and see how many frog and bird-species that you can find present.


Short 1.5 minute clip


Unfortunately it isn’t feasible to display an image for the full 30 minute clip


I am hoping to use Audiomoth for scientific data-gathering and possibly ‘Sound-scapes’ so would welcome any comments or constructive-criticism.


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  1. Wow Tom – the quality is excellent! Would love to know where you bought these and how much they cost?

  2. Hi

    I’m in process of finding example recordings of Audiomoth too determine if it is worthwhile to purchase a device. This recording is more than excelant for my purpose. Any further comments regarding audiomoth since 2019?


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