Mystery Trill

Heard this song early on Monday morning (06.30am) on the Old Creamtruck Rd circuit in Dayboro (SE Qld), it seemed to be from a bird close to the ground but was hidden from view by dense undergrowth in front. It is a slightly descending trill (similar to Eurasian Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix?) I’m sure that I’ve heard it before but can’t recollect where. My first reaction was Rufous Songlark but it’s ‘trill’ is quite different.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my microphone but used an audio app on my smartphone, and had very ‘average’ results. The first displayed is probably the best as there are no other background-calls interfering, the others have Eastern Whipbird and Rufous Whistler calling over it.

Any suggestions?

White-winged Triller?