Category: birdsound

  • Strange Sound

    This call was recently sent to me by a friend in Western Australia, any ideas?

  • Dayboro Dawn-Chorus

    This Sunday morning I awoke early and decided to ‘create’ some ‘soundscapes’ of the dawn-chorus at Morris St, Dayboro, SE Queensland, there was little human-interference and surprisingly few dogs barking. I made the first using a Zoom F1 recorder and XYH-6 Microphone capsule (Two Matched Unidirectional Microphones)  Currently the figtree in the backyard is heavy…

  • ‘Spring-Soundscapes’

    Bird-activity is ‘hotting-up’ in South-east Queensland and so I decided to record some local soundscapes for future reference. These two were both recorded at the southern corner of Hillview Reserve near Dayboro, try and see how many species you can identify. (hint: I’ve found 2 easy ones and ‘annotated’ part of the spectrogram) Note: the…