Aviceda Wildlife Sounds

  • Mystery Trill

    Heard this song early on Monday morning (06.30am) on the Old Creamtruck Rd circuit in Dayboro (SE Qld), it seemed to be from a bird close to the ground but was hidden from view by dense undergrowth in front. It is a slightly descending trill (similar to Eurasian Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix?) I’m sure that…

  • Queensland ‘Dawn-Chorus’

    Got up early this morning to try and capture an ambient ‘dawn-chorus’, unfortunately at times it was none too ‘ambient’!  See if you can identify the culprits involved.

  • Spring Soundscapes

    Recently I’ve been very impressed with the emergence of nature ‘sound-scapes’ on the web, usually a period of time where an acoustic recording has been made in a natural habitat such as a National Park or Reserve free of artificial or ‘man-made’ sound. Good ‘global’ examples of these can be found through Soundcloud’s Nature Soundmap…

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