Sichuan, China – Bird-Identification Quiz

Sichuan, China – Bird-Identification Quiz



After a highly-successful trip in 2014 I thought this area was one of the most exciting birding destinations that I have ever visited and with the assistance of one of the region’s best bird-guides we have created a photo-ID quiz to entice you there!

Note that the quiz is ‘multiple-choice’ and all the ‘answer-species’ given can also be found in Sichuan. The IOC classification gives 727 species.

We are trying to organize a tour in early-May 2016, if you are interested in joining us please contact me or Summer  through the links provided.

Get the brain-cells, field-guides and apps out and ‘dive’ in!


Be sure to click Submit Quiz to see your results!

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All Quiz Images Copyright © Summer Wong  王文娟

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