More ‘mystery’ calls

Here are a few more ‘mysteries’ that I’ve extracted from the Sturt National Park analysis of 29 June 2012. I will also post them on the Xeno-Canto website.

1. loud_wnsw1

All I can think of for this is an alarmed Rufous Night-heron (Xeno-Canto Link)


2. supa_wnsw1

Sounds a bit like a Superb Parrot but way out of known range. (Xeno Canto Link)


3. sowf_wnsw2

This sounds a bit like a Rufous Songlark but there are no other of their characteristic calls present, I wondered whether it might have been a whiteface or redthroat?  (Xeno-Canto Link)


4 responses to “More ‘mystery’ calls”

  1. Hello Tom

    Could the first call be the short, sharp raspy call of an annoyed Galah? That’s what it sounds like to me.

    The second call sounds a lot like the alarm call of a Blue-faced Honeyeater. I am a little more confident with that one.

    The third call sounds very much like a Southern Whiteface. The typical Redthroat call/song call is much more musical than that

    The thirs

    • Thanks for the input Mike, have had some comments thru Birding-Aus supporting #1. as Galah and #3 as Southern Whiteface but the Blue-faced HE is a new one.

  2. 1st Galah. Been doing some recordings around home. Getting to know them.
    2nd Yellow-throated Miner. A load note followed by a few softer ones. Being such a social bird, they have a varied vocabulary.
    3rd Don’t know but had a lovely song. Did pick the Singing Honeyeater.

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