Aviceda Wildlife Sounds

  • Audiomoth Recording

    Recently I acquired a couple of Audiomoth, a low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger, and decided to try and make some recordings to try and ‘evaluate’ them as an alternative to other more expensive recorders. I placed one above a swamp in a council-park near my residence, and configured it to make half-hour recordings. After downloading the…

  • The Mt Glorious ‘Thrush’ debate

      Recently an interesting debate has arisen amongst local birders in South-east Queensland. Along the Great Dividing Range of Australia from Far-north Queensland to South-west Victoria two species of ‘Zoothera’ thrush can be found, the Russet-tailed (Zoothera heinei) and Bassian (Zoothera lunulata). Both seem to be present in dense forest but often at different altitudes.…

  • Mystery frog

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