Familiar but forgotten?

What is the repetitive “tu-wheet” throughout this call? It was recorded on a sensor at the Samford QUT site, (NW of Brisbane, Queensland) at 06.17am on 14th Oct 2010, I can hear Torresian Crow, Magpie-Lark, White-throated Honeyeater, Rufous Whistler, Grey Fantail, Eastern Koel, Red-browed Firetail, Australian Magpie and a distant Eastern Whipbird but though I’m sure I’m familiar with it I can’t put a “name to the face” with conviction…..Large-billed Scrubwren, Myiagra flycatcher?

Note the call is repeated throughout the ‘scene’ not just where indicated in red.


Please let me know what you think…..






5 responses to “Familiar but forgotten?”

  1. Anthony Katon Avatar
    Anthony Katon

    It sounds like a Restless Flycatcher to me.

    1. aviceda Avatar

      I think you’ve got it Anthony….

  2. Tim morris Avatar
    Tim morris

    Hi Tom,
    I’m thinking Leaden Flycatcher.

    1. aviceda Avatar

      Thx Tim, I’m with Anthony….pretty sure that it’s Restless…

  3. Robe Reed Avatar
    Robe Reed

    Restless FC

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